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Rahanni has really changed my life


Since being attuned to Rahanni I can honestly say my outlook on life has changed, no word of a lie. When challenging things happen in my life Rahanni helps me navigate through them and learn from them. It doesn't make the challenges easier, but it makes it easier to navigate through the hard times. So grateful and blessed

Prostate, headaches, not sleeping


The treatment itself was amazing and better than anything the Doctor could do or prescribe. I thought it would be a slow process but even after the first session there was a huge change in my husband’s health. The second session has made a bigger difference. Tom is now sleeping; no more headaches and the prostate problem is nearly non- existent. I can’t describe the treatment or explain it; all I know is that my husband is better. Thank you.


Gill and Tom- Essex

Neck spasm and shin splints


My daughter had Rahanni yesterday as she is a bit of a keep fit fanatic and had a neck spasm and shin splints. She and I were pleasantly surprised when both problems cleared up immediately after the healing. How Fantastic!


Dianne Pegler – Nr. Stock Essex



My son had been diagnosed as extremely hyperactive, 90% of his actions were disruptive, destructive, non purposeful and very very fast. It was impossible to keep his attention for any length of time. He was banned from every place school in the area due to his extremely erratic behaviour. I literally was too scared to take him out by myself because of the amount of near misses he had. He was determined, strong willed and stubborn. I have lost count of the amount of times he has been in casualty.

I have taken him to consultants who said it was one of the worse cases he had ever seen and that my son should be on the drug Ritalin. I was so against this and I knew I would find something or someone that could help my son without drugs.

That is when I heard of Carol and Rahanni. I was so desperate that I would try anything.

After initial discussions I decided to be taught Rahanni myself so I could help my son on a daily basis. This I did, and from the first day of being attuned to Rahanni the changes in my son have been truly amazing. He enjoys his treatments and has now been accepted at the local play school. He is more loving and calmer, in fact he is now a normal child without the use of drugs. Rahanni has not only changed the life of my son but the whole family. I will be forever grateful. Next stop was the consultant; he just said my son must have been misdiagnosed. Typical remark, don’t you think?


Tracey -Essex

Inflamed Tendon


My husband was having trouble walking with an inflamed and swollen Achilles tendon in his right foot. He had suffered with this a few months previous and had had ultrasound and physio, but this had only helped for a while and now he was in pain again when walking or putting weight on his foot. As I had just become a practitioner of Rahanni I gave him healing and after the first session the pain had lessened and he was walking easier. I gave him some more healing a couple of days later following this both the pain and the swelling had gone.

A year later he has had no further problems with his Achilles tendon.

Also there was an added bonus, if I did the healing in the evening it also stopped my husband snoring and I was able to get a good nights sleep.


Liz -Essex

Newly attuned Rahanni Practitioner


I was attuned to Rahanni in May of last year and it has been life-changing. So much so, that on a recent trip to New York I was able to do Rahanni on a lovely gentleman I met, he had severe neck pain and headaches, after only 30 minutes [that's all the time he had!] his pains had gone. What a wonderful gift! Blessings Lisa - N. Ireland.


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