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Frequently Asked Questions

Should Teachers be attuning online?

This message is mainly for Teachers of Rahanni, but those Practitioners considering the Teaching level could find this information interesting. We can see what is happening in this world at this most challenging time and we, as compassionate people, want to do whatever we can to help with regards to releasing negativity and fear-based ways of thinking, helping humanity towards a better quality of life and from a positive mind-set.

I know it has been difficult for you as Teachers to adhere to the principles of Rahanni and within the guidelines as presented to me back in 2002; where Rahanni is taught face to face and not online. The Ascended Masters and Higher Beings of Love and Light always stipulated this and it would not change.

Now, because of the urgency of healing required this has been viewed from a higher perspective. The Rahanni healing and Teaching (Practitioner Level only) will become available for those that find it difficult to travel to be able to receive Rahanni via Zoom etc.

I am aware this has been happening already, but I do want to stipulate you need to explain to your clients and students that the method that can be offered now will be of a lower vibration due to the technology involved. No judgement will be made by me, but they need to be told, please understand this as it is unfair to those being attuned if they are not told this. This is an individual choice, and as long as Teachers are declaring the difference to their students it is ultimately up to them which method they choose.

The reason why online attunements hold lower vibrations is because as we all know computers, mobile phones, televisions, gaming consoles and technology in general emit Electro Magnetic Fields, known as EMF’s. Now although you can help block these invisible areas of energy, with protection, air purifying plants, crystals etc. we cannot block the negative energy completely and it is this energy within technology that can actually drain our own energy field, hence why a watered-down version of the attunement would take place over a computer.

Yes, the student would feel it of course, but not as powerful as in person with the symbols being placed physically into our heart centre. Think of it like distant healing vs healing in person. Distant healing is a beautiful way of offering healing, but it is not as powerful as being there in person having hands on healing.

The Ascended Masters and Higher Beings of Love and Light have given me the ‘green’ light, so to speak to allow Rahanni to be offered in this way for the first time. The healing is so important in these challenging times and they understand it is better to receive a lower amount of the Rahanni 5th dimensional healing and teaching than none at all. If you have any questions do contact me via email. ( I hope this important change within Rahanni will help you to reach out to more people that are possibly struggling right now and that you feel it is an opportunity to expand your business but more important, the quality of life for humanity. Thank you. Many Blessings – Carol

Can you use Reiki and Rahanni together?

No teacher should be stating it is ok to bring the 2 therapies together in the same healing session. If the guides wanted this they would have told me back in 2002, but they stated when offering a healing session and you have been attuned to Reiki also, you keep the therapies separate. You either offer a Rahanni session or you offer them a Reiki session - not the 2 together. The client will only receive a watered down version of Rahanni so therefore they will think or feel no difference. It is universal law that a high vibration of light [5th Dimensional Rahanni] cannot share the same space as a 3rd dimensional vibration [Reiki] there is no judgement it is about progression. Yes they are both healing modalities but on a different vibration. We know we are healing from the heart centre and people have said, it shouldn't matter what we do as long as it is healing. If you are going to make up your own rules of how you work with clients why did you bother becoming attuned to Rahanni when you are disrespecting all that has been given to me by the Rahanni guides and Ascended Masters. If you no longer wish to adhere to the principles and teaching of Rahanni then you had better email me and we will discuss this situation further. So I am asking all of you that have been offering the 2 therapies at the same session to continue using Rahanni the way you were originally taught. Nothing is written in stone, we know that, but just think of the different vibrations and what you were asked to do by our beautiful guides and angels of Rahanni.

Rahanni 'Master' clarification

Can I please remind you that when a Rahanni Practitioner becomes a Teacher, you are not a 'Rahanni Master'. You may have had that title if you were once attuned to Reiki but the name 'Master' tends to put you above others and this sounds as though it is coming from ego. A teacher has raised his/her vibration to a higher level within Rahanni but that doesn't mean he/she is any better than the Practitioner, they just have that much more knowledge of Rahanni therefore the ability to help Practitioners on the Rahanni journey. I am the 'Founder' of Rahanni, purely because this lets people know I am the port of call for any information regarding Rahanni, but that doesn't make me any better than a Practitioner, I have been presented with this amazing gift because at soul level this was my journey in this incarnation. We all come from 'One Heart' we are a Family of Love and Light. So, you are either a Rahanni Practitioner of Level One or a Rahanni Teacher of Level Two. I do hope this is clear. Thank you.

Do we offer 'Carol's Journey' to new teachers?

Please do give the link to 'My Rahanni Journey' MP3 as this will help them when they begin to teach. The reason for this is also to make sure my story doesn't have anything left out or anything added, they get the complete journey direct from me. Plus I hope my speaking in the room on the day will have an aspect of my energy there, helping me to connect with the new teachers. The MP3 can be downloaded here

What should we do if we are told about Psychic attacks?

 I often get requests for help with regards to Psychic attacks on people in varing degrees, and although I have been able to help this situation it is not one I usually get involved with as I do not have the expertise, but I know a man who does! Some of you I have already introduced to him but as the situation seems to be on the up, I felt we needed this expert on board to help us with situations that we are not comfortable dealing with. His name is Mike Kettle and now lives in Wivenhoe near Colchester Essex, his contact number is now 01206 820594 Email: He is more than happy to be of assistance but said if you say, this is a recommendation from me, he will do whatever he can. Mike has an amazing talent of being able to remote view a desperate situation, especially if it involves a child. I know from experience how Mike can help with psychic attachments etc. He is also attuned to Rahanni and understands how we work, so therefore happy to bring his expertise anytime it is required. As far as I know Mike still doesn't charge for his services, he works deep from his heart and has helped many people all over the world. He teaches Spiritual Development and Mediumship courses also. Please make a note of Mike's contact number, you never know when it may come in handy.

What insurance is the best to have, I am from Ireland?

You can find some links here

How do we give healing to someone having radiation or chemotherapy?

The only time we cannot offer hands on healing is when they are actually having the chemo or radiotherapy, as it is their choice at soul level to receive this, but you can send positive thoughts to them and visualise them healthy and balanced, if you feel you would like to do something. When the treatment is finished you can offer distant healing and call in the Violet Flame to release anything that no longer serves their higher purpose. Hands on Rahanni can be given when the treatment at the hospital has been completed.

Do we offer ongoing support to Practitioners and Teachers?

Yes ongoing support should be offered as it is very daunting at first for everyone and they will most definitely need guidance for the first few weeks, please make sure you tell them this is available on the first day of the course. This is what Rahanni is all about, love and support so any Teacher not offering ongoing support goes against what Rahanni is all about. Please give your students this website so they can be part of the Support Hub

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