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basic Ascension classes for those on a spiritual path

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a wonderful healing modality, as many people have found out after they have received healing sessions from a Rahanni Practitioner; but many people are awakening to the understanding of being able to raise their individual vibration of not just the mind but the body.


This can take place at any time, especially when people have benefitted from the wonderful healing modality. They usually feel in their heart they want to progress and grow spiritually within themselves, but not sure where to go to receive advice with their spiritual development. I can most certainly recommend a short course of Ascension classes; this will help to raise spiritual awareness on so many levels. You don't need to be attuned to Rahanni to take part in these classes. They are basic courses that usually run for a period of 6 sessions, one a fortnight and the class sizes are small, possibly 4 students at a time. It is a coming together of like-minded people wanting to share spiritual knowledge for their highest good. The energies you feel when you are in a room with other like-minded people during these classes are out of this world. They really are special.


Every human on this planet will go through their ascension at some time, for that is their reason for their soul’s journey.

Image by Nghia Le

Ascension is a place of enlightenment on every level. It is where the soul and physical body become one.

By transcending all negativity, illusion and fear it allows us to become Ascended masters, while remaining in our physical body on the earth plane.

Ascension is a time of change, it helps us to raise our vibration, in turn expanding our consciousness and our hearts.

Our three fold flame is our natural essence of love, power and wisdom.

It flows and connects with the light of God/ Source.

These are basic Ascension classes for those on a spiritual path. 

The classes are for anyone who would like to know more about developing the higher mind.

Ascension also helps with channelling and communicating with the higher ‘beings’ of love and light

If you would like to attend classes in order to raise your vibration classes are available. Please email for more details:

Margaret Cooke, Mersea Island, Colchester Essex


Tel: 01206 38 42 17

Neshla Avey 
Tel: 07709 264356

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