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for Practitioners & Teachers

When a new Rahanni Practitioner begins to work with clients charges are expected.

Below is a guide for what you should be charging for Rahanni services. This is a guide but one that stays within the principles of Rahanni Celestial Healing.


All I ask is that you do not price yourself out of the market as this comes across as greed, you need to find a balance. Remember, Rahanni is free, your time isn’t, this is what you are charging for, so as a general guideline I recommend for the first few weeks of working with Rahanni £30 per session is acceptable, after a few months and you are more confident and experienced then the going rate could increase to £40. This will be for an hour session, usually broken up by a 15 minute consultation with the client, so you know what you are dealing with, a 30 minute healing of Rahanni and a 15 minute chat after the session for your client to ask you questions and for you to interact with them, finding out how they felt etc. This is just a guideline for you, but be prepared to listen to your client, it is important that they feel your compassion, but don’t force anything, just work from your heart


When teaching a student to become a Practitioner the cost should be between £150-£175 for the day, this includes the attunement to Rahanni, a full comprehensive manual, pictures of the Masters, insurance information, a certificate and showing them this website as their Rahanni Support Hub with the passcode for the Directory if they wish to be added which is 040802. Plus anything else you feel is relevant. Time: 10am- 5pm, short break for lunch, plenty of water available. On-going support at all times after their attunement.


When offering a Teaching attunement day for the Practitioner that has been working with Rahanni for at least 6/12 months, then the cost should be between £250-£275 for possibly 2 days or one extended day, depending if they have to travel a long distance, then you can offer an extended day from 9.30am- 6pm or shorter days depending on travel.

Nothing is written in stone, everything is flexible but please DO NOT OFFER back to back workshops of Practitioner level and Teaching level over a weekend. This is not the way of Rahanni and this will have a detrimental effect on your student, too much too soon, is a negative not a positive effect. Practitioners must allow time for the new energies to settle and anchor so there must be 6 months at least between attunements.

You can also let your students know about how to order the Rahanni Manuals by showing them the website page. Only Teachers are given the passcode to order the manuals so you can give this to them once they have been attuned to Level 2 (please email Carol or Neshla to ask for the passcode)

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