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Rahanni Oracle Message Book

Rahanni Oracle Message Book


This Rahanni Oracle Book offers the reader an opportunity to connect with your own individual I Am Presence and the Higher Beings of Love and Light to guide you towards a possible positive outcome as you reach a crossroads in your life, or to have an understanding of a particular situation that you cannot make a decision on. Everyone requires guidance at times and this book is one way of offering an answer to a problem or to see things from a different perspective. These Higher Beings of Love and Light know of your individual journey in this incarnation and they are more than happy for you to call them and ask for guidance. They have the ability to connect with every aspect of your being, therefore the guidance received will be from a higher level of spiritual understanding, but at a level your own Higher Consciousness knows only too well. Please let the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and all Higher Beings of Love and Light offer you a way of moving forward with your challenging life at this time. Go within and trust, but the choice is always yours.


When you download please save and download the emailed links to your computer within 3 days

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