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Carol. A. Stacey

Ascension & Humanity

Many people are going through their ascension process in these very challenging times. It has been very difficult trying to understand the reason why we have to deal with so much uncertainty and suffering.

To find out more, why not join the Ascension Classes that are available helping you to understand, situations, yourself more and how to raise your own spiritual vibration.

The transformation for all that attend the classes is so uplifting and offers inner peace to your mind and body, with the understanding that you know you are raising your spiritual vibration, allowing you to help humanity and those people still searching for the missing link in their life.


For more in-depth information you can contact Neshla Avey (online)  or Margaret Cooke (face to face in Essex):

Margaret Cooke : or email Margaret on;

Margaret will be delighted to answer your questions and will let you know her forth-coming dates for the Ascension Classes for 2021.   

These are small groups where you receive personal guidance. You also receive a certificate at the end of the course, but you can also become a teacher of Ascension Classes. These courses are not available via Zoom or Skype. 

Neshla Avey  teaches ascension classes online via Zoom.  For more information about the online workshops via zoom please go to or email Neshla at Neshla's classes will help you understand yourself better and raise your vibration to a whole new level.  Neshla is an experienced teacher having taught ascension classes for the last six years.  

Rahanni and Reiki Update

I have been asked a number of times about the vibrations of healing modalities changing and how they have affected Rahanni and Reiki.

First I would like to share a channelling I had from the Hierarchy with regards to this question; this is how they explained the situation at this particular time as humanity progresses and moves forward.

I asked about Reiki, as I was a Reiki Master for 12 years before being presented with the gift of Rahanni on the 4th August 2002. Reiki, as we all know was brought forward by Dr. Usui in the early part of the 20th century when our planet was still vibrating on the 3rd dimension. He could not have brought forward a healing modality of a higher vibration as our bodies could not sustain this high level of Light, but he knew healing was required at that time to help with a shift in consciousness, and it has been an amazing healing modality.


I stated when writing my book 3 that Reiki could possibly bring through a higher vibration of Light now the planet has moved to the 4th Dimension [as the 3rd dimension no longer exists ] and it has been explained to me Reiki has raised its vibration by bringing forward ‘Angelic Reiki’ this being on the level of  the 4th Dimension, but because it is an Earth energy it is therefore unlikely to progress and connect to the 5th D, but who is to say at a later date it may well be able to do so. Reiki is still required in its present form and will be able to help many people that are still stuck in their old 3rd Dimensional way of thinking and being, and as yet not ready to accept a higher understanding spiritually, and could possibly never reach that understanding in this incarnation, so these people will benefit from Reiki.

This brings me on to Rahanni, as it has been a 5th D healing modality since it was offered to humanity on 4th August 2002, but it has progressed also and those attuned to Rahanni are able to connect to 6th D vibrations, therefore allowing us to communicate so much easier with Ascended Masters and all Higher Beings of Love and Light. Many more Rahanni Practitioners and Teachers are able to channel on a more regular basis. There is no judgement at all between Rahanni and Reiki, it is all about vibrations and how each individual therapy is progressing, helping the planet to raise its vibration with the Love and Light held within all of our heart centres.


Both healing modalities are so needed at this most challenging time in our existence. One is not better than the other, it is all about vibration and what is required at a certain point in humanities development.

Rahanni Workshops

Anyone that is interested in finding a Rahanni Workshop in a Country or area close to where they live, could you please connect to the Directory Listing on this website, go to the area of your choice, then scroll down to find a Teacher.


Either email or telephone the Teacher and ask if they have any up and coming workshops in the future.


As we have so many Teachers it isn’t possible to list everyone’s workshops.


Many thanks


Carol Stacey Founder of Rahanni

A Rahanni Blessing

Touching the hearts of your brothers and sisters will bring many spiritual gifts for you to share. For as you light up their life so you expand the Love of Source/God within your own heart.


Every cell of your body radiates with His/Her love and for every smile you give to just one person will let them know they are not alone and could warm their heart, just for a moment. Let a Rahanni Blessing shine from you each day sending the Light across the world reaching the hearts of those who are suffering.


Every Blessing you send, so I will add my blessings to yours, for we can touch and heal the hearts of so many, helping to release sadness, suffering and fear, when we smile and trust in the love of the Masters and Higher Beings of Love and Light, miracles can happen.

Connect with Rahanni

I think we have all noticed this year, so many more challenges that seems to be turning our lives upside down, in so many ways, but if we think about this, it could be our time to make the changes we have always wanted. There couldn't be a more appropriate time to connect with Rahanni as it is expanding beyond even my wildest dreams. Rahanni is touching so many hearts right now and for me to know since 2002 Rahanni is available in 30 countries worldwide, it just makes my heart sing with joy, for I know how many people have felt the deep love that shines through with every healing from all of our wonderful Rahanni Practitioners and Teachers. I am so proud of everyone of them for reaching out to all those clients going through so many challenges at this time. Rahanni brings forward a deep clearing of negativity, replacing the vibration will healing Light and positive thoughts for the future. Rahanni not only helps clients, but those people looking for a change of career and feel the need to help others, then you couldn't have a more loving vibration flowing through you than by becoming a student of Rahanni. Rahanni, the 5th dimensional healing modality is so needed right now to help those wanting to bring more Love and Light to this planet and humanity. Why not make it your year to reach out and help those suffering in many different ways and just see how it is possible for you to make a difference to this world. I wish you all Love and Light and many blessings. Carol - Founder of Rahanni Celestial Healing. x P.S. No matter what country you are in and you are already a Rahanni Practitioner or Teacher, then do fill out the form  to make sure you are listed on the New Directory, for people in your country to be able to find you.

A big thank you

I just want to thank everyone one of my Rahanni Practitioners and Teachers for everything you do for humanity and the animals. Because of your love and compassion Rahanni is moving forward on a daily basis and more people are aware of this beautiful healing Light. Let us all hope that 2020 will be a calmer and more loving year and people begin to open their heart centres more than ever.

I wish you all a healthy, happy and successful 2020 and please remember, I am always here for you. Thank you, from my heart to your heart. Love and Blessings