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Carol. A. Stacey

Time to say goodbye

Hello Everyone,

This is a message that is bittersweet for me to write but I hope you will understand.

I have consulted with my beautiful Guides and explained to them that I feel in my heart it is time for me to let go of Rahanni.

I was presented with this wonderful gift on the 4th August 2002 and for nearly 20 years I have met many lovely people that were either clients or students and hopefully they felt the healing vibration of Rahanni touching their hearts. I have been both blessed and humbled with the love and trust shown to me by the Spiritual Hierarchy over these 20 years and previously 12 years as a Reiki Master. So for 32 years I have tried to be there for humanity filled with nothing but love and compassion in my heart. But now it is time for me and my family.

These past few weeks of reflection and taking into consideration that I am also getting closer to 80 years of age. It is the right time to slow down and enjoy not only my beautiful 4 daughters but the 19 Grandchildren that are growing up so fast.

It has been my privilege to share Rahanni with you all and I hope you will continue to take Rahanni forward in the future. You will have all the support from Neshla Avey who will now be the Rahanni Director and will offer her amazing words of wisdom and spiritual guidance. I thank Neshla for the passion love and support of Rahanni.

Neshla’s website is:

The Products are still be available direct from me

 and the MP3's and digital Master images will remain, but once my books and CD's have sold they will no longer be available. 


I also want to thank Emma Cooke for creating my beautiful website she is not only a whizz at creating websites but a beautiful soul inside and out.

Thank you so much for taking Rahanni to your hearts and remember, your Love and Light is so needed right now at these very challenging times, so please continue sharing Rahanni helping to bring this world into a better place. You are all a part of the  ‘Family of Love and Light’.

My love and blessings and gratitude to you always.

Carol A Stacey

Founder of Rahanni Celestial Healing.

Ascension & Humanity
We are going through an extremely important shift right now as humanity is ascending to a higher vibrational frequency so ascension classes are here to help you through this shift.  It is so important now for us to raise our vibrations and spread the light to others who are just beginning on their journey. 

If you would like to attend classes in order to raise your vibration classes are available face to face or zoom.

Margaret Cooke, Mersea, Essex  (FACE TO FACE ONLY)


Tel: 01206 38 42 1

Neshla Avey, (ZOOM CLASSES) 
Tel: 07709 264356


Rahanni and Reiki Update

Many people ask what the difference is between Rahanni and Reiki, as they are both hands-on healing.
In 1922 Dr. Usui brought forward the healing Light known as Reiki, at this time planet Earth was 3rd dimensional, meaning the healing that was to be used for humanity had to have a vibration that was compatible with this planet’s vibration and that of humanity. Dr. Usui could not have brought through a healing modality that was on a higher vibration because our physical bodies could not hold this amount of Light without having a detrimental effect.

Reiki has been an amazing healing vibration and has helped many people and will continue to do so, but this planet is now 4th dimensional, becoming fully anchored into the 4th dimension with the effect from 21st December 2012. This means planet Earth has raised its vibration and the energy it is comprised of is lighter and finer; not the heavy dense energy as before.

Because the planet has raised its vibration, it has had an effect on our physical body and aura, helping it become stronger, although lighter, therefore we can now hold higher energies within every aspect of our being.

Although Rahanni is thousands of years old it was brought to this planet on the 4th August 2002 helping humanity have a change in consciousness and to help release negativity and fear based ways of thinking to that of kindness, love and compassion. This it has managed to do beautifully, hence all the emails and testimonials I receive weekly.

Rahanni is a 5th dimensional healing modality but has the ability to connect to the 4th dimension but not the 3rd. The 3rd dimension no longer exists on this planet so therefore a higher vibration of healing is now required for humanity – Rahanni is but one new healing light; there will be more to follow. Rahanni isn’t any better than any other therapy it is about progression and moving forward.

Therapists who work with 3rd dimensional frequencies of Light will understand that this has been a stepping stone on their spiritual ladder and moving to higher energies is part of our growth.
No judgement is made at all with regards to Reiki [I was a Reiki Master for 12 years] it is all about spiritual growth and moving forward to work with higher vibrations of healing light. Energy isn’t static, it is constantly changing thus we accept the need to help create these changes with the help of our beautiful guides and angels. The 3rd dimension is slowly being phased out, but of course this will take many years for this to happen and in the meantime we will all decide when it is appropriate for each one of us to release the old ways of being and move on to higher vibrations. Basically, Rahanni works on a higher vibration and a deeper level therefore cutting down the healing time. Reiki will still be used as there will still be many people who resonate with this healing light.

Rahanni Workshops
There are two levels of Rahanni Workshops.  The first is the practitioner level as Rahanni is simple and can be learnt in a day.  If you wish to become a practitioner of Rahanni and learn how to heal yourself and others this is all you need to do. However, if you wish to teach Rahanni then you will need to also attend level two.  You will then be able to attune others to their purpose.  

There is a directory of all practitioners and teachers in your area.  Or if you have further questions contact Neshla who is the Main Guardian of Rahanni since Carol has stepped down.   Please use the contact form on this website or direct to

A Rahanni Blessing


A big thank you