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This is re-print of my original book 2 from 2009. The content is the same but the cover and ISBN number has changed. So if you purchased this before, no need to buy again. Spiritual Concepts - The Simple Truth is a book for those just beginning on their spiritual path and they will have many questions about who they truly are, where they came from. I have tried to answer these questions from the truth of my heart, but my truths are not necessarily your truths, so take on board what resonates with your heart.
Spiritual Concepts Book 2
This book is a re-print of the first book written in 2008 it is now being re-published, so if you purchased my first book before, no need to order again as the content is the same, just the front cover has changed.
Rahanni - Embracing the Light [Book 1]
This is a beautiful activation from Mary Magdalene  where she offers the listener a special gift that will be unique to everyone. Track 3 will be a special message from Sanat Kumara our Planetary Logos, sharing words of wisdom to all.
Mary Magdalene - The Gift CD
We have available pictures of Melchizedek, Kwan Yin,Phylos, Dr. Lorphan, Helios and Vesta plus Mother Mary's Symbol for Healing the Inner Child. Ideal for Teachers wanting to offer these to students. They are in a set of 6 cards/pictures. You will receive 2 sets for the cost of one as a special offer. Now included in this package is the new picture of Kwan Yin.
Rahanni Masters/Guides Pictures
This is Carol's 3rd book, a follow-up of the first book with regards to Rahanni and how it has progressed over the past 15 years. Also combined with the Rahanni is the connection it has to the ascension process that every human will have to go through at sometime in their existence, plus extra spiritual information that you may be ready to understand - if not, just let it go until you feel in your heart that it is time to take this spiritual knowledge into your life.
Rahanni - The Light Continues to Shine
Mother Mary will offer you an opportunity to Heal the Inner Child by placing the Divine Symbol over the Solar Plexus and Heart centres, helping to clear all trauma from childhood in this lifetime also previous lives.
CD for Healing the Inner Child + Finding Your Divine Purpose with Lord Metatron
Two beautiful activations are offered by Archangel Metatron, Chief of the Archangels & Dr. Lorphan, Director of the Healing Academy on Sirius.
Activations for Ascension CD
This CD is for anyone wishing to have more of an understanding about Rahanni Celestial Healing. It is Carol's journey in her own words and the experiences she has encountered that has brought her to this moment in time.
My Rahanni Journey
This CD is to introduce healing to your mind and body with the help of The Violet Flame and Helios and Vesta. They are Higher Beings of Light and love, and you do not have to be attuned to any healing modality to be able to use this method of healing. The Violet Flame will help to release negativity and fear based ways of thinking to that of positive thought, inner peace and compassion; offering everyone a better quality of life. The 3rd track is a meditation that takes you to the Temple of Light where you will possibly meet a new angel to help you on your spiritual journey.
Healing with the Violet Flame & Helios and Vesta plus The Temple Of Light Meditation