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Please take note, my first 2 books are no longer available to purchase from Amazon as I had problems with the Publishing Company and I have taken both of them off of Amazon. I am re-publishing them myself and they will only be available on this website on the Product Page. I had written these back in 2008 and a lot of changes have taken place, therefore I feel it is an opportunity for me to create a new book cover and a new ISBN number, but still hold on to the original information and of course offering the reader the indepth story of my most amazing journey and how Rahanni was presented to me by the Higher Beings of Love and Light. So if you have already purchased the first 2 books, then no need to get them again as nothing will change except the cover, and I don't want you spending out twice for the same 2 books, but of course, the 3rd book is new and available now from my Product Page.

I have been given a wonderful gift of a 'new' symbol offered to humanity from Mother Mary. It is to be known as Mary's Symbol where it can be placed either in the Solar Plexus or the Heart Centre - it is a gift for Healing the Inner Child from pain or sadness in this lifetime or previous incarnations. It is soft and gentle yet powerful at the same time. We have needed this help for so long now as too many people suffer from earlier negative experiences that prevents them from moving on with their life in a positive way.

It is helping to create a beautiful healing from Mother Mary.


If you decide to purchase the Mother Mary CD for the activation you will also be given the picture of the Symbol with paperwork of how to use this for yourself or clients.



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