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I think we have all noticed how 2019 is going to be a year of major changes in many people's lives, judging by the turmoil within the first 3 months. There couldn't be a more appropriate time to connect with Rahanni as it is expanding beyond even my wildest dreams. Rahanni is touching so many hearts right now and for me to know since 2002 Rahanni is available in 30 countries worldwide, it just makes my heart sing with joy, for I know how many people have felt the deep love that shines through with every healing from all of our wonderful Rahanni Practitioners and Teachers. I am so proud of everyone of them for reaching out to all those clients going through so many challenges at this time. Rahanni brings forward a deep clearing of negativity, replacing the vibration will healing Light and positive thoughts for the future. Rahanni not only helps clients, but those people looking for a change of career and feel the need to help others, then you couldn't have a more loving vibration flowing through you by becoming a student of Rahanni. Rahanni, the 5th dimensional healing modality is so needed right now to help those wanting to bring more Love and Light to this planet and humanity. Why not make it your year to reach out and help those suffering in many different ways and just see how it is possible for you to make a difference to this world. I wish you all Love and Light and many blessings. Carol - Founder of Rahanni Celestial Healing. x P.S. No matter what country you are in and you are already a Rahanni Practitioner or Teacher, then do email me to make sure you are listed on the New Directory, for people in your country to be able to find you.





This is a message for all Rahanni Practitioners. I am holding a special one off day for any Rahanni Practitioners that are considering becoming a Rahanni Teacher. I will come out of retirement for just one day to attune those Practitioners wishing to Teach. This day will not be repeated. Date: 22nd March 2020 Venue: Swan Hotel, High Street, Maldon Essex. For further information please email me at;



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